What is Mega Cebu?

Mega Cebu official logoMega Cebu

  • Envisions a Wholesome, Advanced, Vibrant, Equitable, Sustainable (W.A.V.E.S.) Cebu in 2050.
  • Promotes long-term and collaborative planning and action towards a more sustainable city-region.

Mega Cebu is:

  • Based on the framework of a CITY REGION, where local government units (LGUs) are encouraged to collaborate and coordinate policies, plans, programs, projects, and practices addressing common and trans-boundary assets, issues, and challenges;
  • A view and VISION of the collective FUTURE, based on common GROUND and shared IDENTITY;
  • The perspective of looking at governance and development from a BIG PICTURE and not on an individual LGU-specific scale;
  • A shared RESPONSIBILITY and serves as a platform for citizen-leader engagement and public and private sector (including civil society) partnership and cooperation;
  • Anchored on and considers the larger provincial (whole Cebu) and regional (Visayas) context, while starting out its engagement and intervention at the Metro Cebu (13 LGUs) level. Conceptually, thus, Mega Cebu is larger than Metro Cebu and considers
    the population of the entire ‘province’ or ‘island’ in the year 2050 – which is projected to reach 12 million (noting the ‘technical’ definition of a mega city population which is 10 million or more).
  • A concept promoted and program spearheaded by the Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board (MCDCB).


A vibrant, equitable, sustainable and competitive environment that embraces Cebu’s creativity and its cultural, historical, and natural resources, with strong citizen participation and responsive governance.

Making Waves

Mega Cebu 2050 Development Strategy


  • Cultural & Historic – The fusion of a vibrant, modern and sustainable environment that embraces Cebu’s creativity and its cultural, historical and natural heritage, with a sense of identity and belonging.
  • Innovative, Creative & Competitive – A proactive, adaptive, effective and quality educational system & globally competitive business environment that maximizes key economic drivers and livelihood opportunities.
  • Inclusive, Equitable & Livable – A developed, responsive and efficient physical and social infrastructure that provides safe, secure and healthy living environment for all members of society.
  • Interconnected & Compact – Physically, economically and socially integrated Metro Cebu communities where individual growth areas are compact and walkable.
  • Green – Sustainable and resilient development that preserves and nurtures the unique natural environment.
  • Integrated, Coordinated &Participative – A strong citizen’s participation and collaboration together with responsive and accountable governance that identifies, plans, and delivers integrated solutions.

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