Why we need to listen to our kids for the sake of their future

Thirty years from now, the youth of today will be the generation that inherits Cebu City.

They will be the ones making decisions about the city’s economy, education, and everything that can make and break Cebuanos by 2050 and beyond. One of them may even be the provincial governor or the country’s president. They know this and they are concerned of what the future is in store for them. This gives us all the more reason to listen to them. The big question is, are we?

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Here are road accident statistics and facts you need to know

Did you know that road accident is among the leading causes of death in the Philippines? In fact, the way car accidents end up in national and local newscasts everyday, it is the fourth leading cause of death.

Dante Lantin, assistant secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), said it “might become the main cause of mortality in 2020.”

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Mega Cebu Ambassador is Miss Philippines Earth 2014

Jamie Herrell, first female Mega Cebu Ambassador, bested 48 candidates from all over the country when she took the crown as Miss Philippines Earth 2014 on May 11 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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Why urban street trees in Cebu matter

With global warming, the importance of trees multiplies a hundredfold, especially in cities and urbanized areas. They offer protection from calamities and diseases.

Urban street trees, specifically, provides benefits not just to the environment but to the people around them simply by existing in the middle and side of the roads, in parks, and around pocket communities.

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