Traffic congestion? No problem.

by Daryl Dizon | STC AB Communication Intern

Would all of the horns blowing and sweat dropping caused by the heat of the busy roads of Cebu make you want to just fly in or scream the congested vehicles away to be at school or at the office in a flash?

Don’t just rant there and stick to this dilemma because there are things that we, citizens, can do to lessen the traffic congestion in Cebu. Here are some: 

Be a one direction-er!

Not that you need to be a fan of One Direction, but were you ever troubled by a car that has no clear direction, who’s still thinking where to turn, if is it left or right? And have you ever notice that this is one of the things that causes traffic? When you’re driving and you’re still not sure if you’ll make a right or left turn, make sure that your car is not in the middle of the road.

Before you go on your journey, know beforehand where you are heading to for you to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

Please see the signs

Yes, you saw the sign, but did it open up your eyes and mind? When you made a U-turn because you forgot something at home or when you parked in front of a building, have you noticed the No U-turn or No Parking signs? If not, the next time you park or make a U-turn, you better see the signs. 

You were lucky because the tow team is not on-duty and the Zaido greens in the person of the CITOM were not there or else you’ll pay the consequences. But whether they are present or not, you should learn how to abide signs. In this way, you are keeping yourself from getting into troubles on the road.

The Sky is better

Even if you are just a pedestrian, you can still cause traffic! Even if you are just simply crossing on the road, you are causing traffic because instead of using the skywalk especially designed for pedestrians like you for your own safety, you still crossed on the road. 

Don’t get too lazy to take the steps, work your muscles and get stronger knees. Instead of jaywalking, go for a sky walk and beat Michael Jackson’s moonwalk!

Beat the Beatles

Remember the famous Abbey Road where the“Beatles” took a good photo of them four crossing the pedestrian lane? Pedestrian lanes are really a good help for citizens to have a safer walk on the street and to do away with traffic congestion as well. Don’t let the “Beatles” be the only people to know what the pedestrian lane is all about.

Beep, beep jeep!

It’s more fun in Cebu because this is where the very famous, “sikiti” and “sibogi” is found! At some point, most of these jeeps are those that carry the most number of reasons why Cebu has become a very busy street, but there is a way to change this thing.

While Manong driver is in the middle of winning the race of getting the most passengers, he sometimes forgets to load and unload passengers at the proper loading and unloading stations. So what can we do about it?  We, as citizens, could help by reminding him the proper place where he should load and unload his passengers.

Let traffic congestion be removed from the problems that we have by following these doable tips. In no time, we will reach our destinations at vast and we can see a better Cebu then.

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