Our 3 Favorite Videos about Mega Cebu

With videos becoming a part of everyone’s lives, Mega Cebu made it an essential part in our campaigns of promoting and enhancing Cebu.

On our Youtube channel, we have already posted more than 20 videos showcasing Cebu and its people. We have selected three of these as our top favorites:

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Doable Water Conservation Tips

Have you experienced water interruptions in the middle of taking a bath or in the middle of washing your laundry? These events can frustrate you and can even make you angry at the water company. But then again, think about the bigger picture;  on the other side of the coin, this water interruption must be an important sign for you to take action, to conserve water .

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For Mega Cebu, a lot of things happened in 2014

Oh, we have been busy in 2014. And we will still be busy in the coming years. For now, allow us to summarize to you what we have been doing for Mega Cebu last year through this table of milestones:

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Working together to give Metro Cebu a makeover

What do you want Mega Cebu to be by 2050?

By this year, we hope to see a competitive Cebu, especially the 13 cities and municipalities under the metropolitan area. By competitiveness, we mean that constituents will be able to see attractive urban centers as well as preserved and revitalized historic areas.

We also wish to see this competitiveness reflected as stakeholders strengthen world-class gateway functions and improve links between Mactan and Cebu Island.

We also want to see a livable Cebu with thumbs-up mobility, featuring centre pedestrian and cycle networks around public transport hubs as well as green-ways, including parks and open space.

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