The connection between environmental sustainability and urban development

Befitting the local celebration of the International Day of Forests last March 21st, the local Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) announced that forest cover within Central Visayas has increased by 15 percent.

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MCDCB First Quarter Meeting (2014)

Last March 21, members of the Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board (MCDCB) met for its first quarter meeting. It was held at the Social Hall of the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

How child-friendly are the streets in Cebu?

Technically, a child-friendly street and neighborhood is a place where you feel comfortable to let your children walk and play, either by themselves or with others. They also have slower or fewer cars, other walkers and neighbors in regular sight, wide footpaths free of hazards, street lighting, pedestrian crossings, a shelter, and even a colorful flower bed or two.

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5 cool playgrounds in Asia (and 5 reasons to invest in playgrounds)

Last week, we posted a news clipping on our Facebook page about the ban of kids on skateboards and rollerblades from the streets of Cebu City. The post drew a lot of comments, many of which highlighted the need for more open spaces in Cebu where our children can do their hobbies without the risk of getting rolled over by cars and trucks that ply our roads.

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Building disaster resilient communities

Resilience is Filipinos’ prime strength during calamities. This admirable ability to easily recover from or adjust in an unfortunate situation is manifested in every disaster the country experiences.

The 7.2-magnitude earthquake that shook Bohol and Cebu and the super typhoon Yolanda that hit nine regions in the Philippines last Nov. 8 recently tested how pliant Filipinos are.

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