5 Things You Can Do to Make Your City More Livable

A city is not composed of its leaders alone but many communities all working together for a common good. This means you too are a part of it and you should be ready to take your responsibility.

When it comes to making your city more livable, you can:

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The El Niño phenomenon and you

Have you noticed? Summer is over but we can still feel the heat. It’s not summer heat. It’s that irritating kind of heat under a weather that we expect to be rainy or, if not, a lot cooler than in April and May. It’s August, after all. The El Niño has been forecasted to happen and we’re experiencing it. And it seems that it will be quite a long time for this phenomenon to subside. To cope, here are some practical tips for you. But first here’s what El Niño is about.

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Future engineers, Mega Cebu brainstorm to address Cebu’s infra issues

The 5th year civil engineering students of the University of San Carlos (USC) and University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) and Mega Cebu have conducted brainstorming sessions to choose project studies that will address the infrastructure problems in local government units from Carcar City to Danao City.

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3 renewable energy sources you can use at home

Many of us are now consumers of renewable energy. This energy comes from resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale, including sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. These replace conventional fuels to electricity generation, motor fuels, and rural (off-grid) energy services. Renewable energy is widely used. In fact, about 16 percent of global final energy consumption comes from renewable resources, according to Renewables 2011: Global Status Report.

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