[POLL] Should we totally scrap jeepneys in the Philippines in favor of new modes of transportation?

This blog post is a personal take of a young college student who rides jeepneys everyday. She values them as part of our culture and heritage and very much a part of the Filipino living that we can encourage tourists to experience for themselves. Just recently, a news report bubbled up that jeepneys should be replaced with a new and more organized mode of transportation. Should we? Please answer our poll below after reading this blog post. Thanks!

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The importance of rivers for cities and towns

Let’s start with the basics. What is a river? It is a body of water with current moving in one general direction. It varies in size, with smaller versions of rivers being referred to as streams, creeks, or run. Water in a river flows into a bay or an ocean.

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Youth versus urban development problems

What would you do when you’re restless and concerned with the issues hounding your community? For these 26 Mega Cebu youth ambassadors who compose the Club Mega, they bonded together to create a voice that reverberates across all sectors.

With the assistance of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), they initiated the Club Mega Youth Convention last June 28 at the Cebu City Coliseum.

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Liloan intensifies advocacy to protect environment


Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office of the Municipality of Liloan invited Mega Cebu for their Environment Month Launch last June 9, 2014.

The event’s theme was, “Doing unlimited kindness to the environment for the current generation and the generations yet to come, a way of achieving a green and wholesome environment that nurtures.”

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