Where the heart sings

Cebu is where the heart sings!

This is the brand that stakeholders unveiled for Cebu after six months of consultations directed to make Cebu “stand out from the rest”.

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What you should be asking yourself before voting a leader for Cebu?

by Daryl Dizon | STC AB Communication Intern

Banners, freebies with our candidate’s names, road renovations and a much visible participation of your leader – these are just few of the clichés we encounter whenever the elections are coming at vast.

We all hear get to hear that line, “vote wisely.” But really, how do we know if we have been wise or we have chosen the right leader?

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The Youth’s Role In Disaster Risk Reduction And Management

With all the natural disasters and calamities struck in Cebu and its neighboring cities and provinces in the past few years — the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013 and Typhoon Haiyan (Bagyong Yolanda) in 2013, to name a few— these left most of the adult frightened while most of the youth traumatized.

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Our 3 Favorite Videos about Mega Cebu

With videos becoming a part of everyone’s lives, Mega Cebu made it an essential part in our campaigns of promoting and enhancing Cebu.

On our Youtube channel, we have already posted more than 20 videos showcasing Cebu and its people. We have selected three of these as our top favorites:

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Youth versus urban development problems

What would you do when you’re restless and concerned with the issues hounding your community? For these 26 Mega Cebu youth ambassadors who compose the Club Mega, they bonded together to create a voice that reverberates across all sectors.

With the assistance of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), they initiated the Club Mega Youth Convention last June 28 at the Cebu City Coliseum.

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“Club Mega” formed with 4T supporters

Nearly 4,000 students and teachers from different schools within Metro Cebu graced the official launch of Club Mega.

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Why we need to listen to our kids for the sake of their future

Thirty years from now, the youth of today will be the generation that inherits Cebu City.

They will be the ones making decisions about the city’s economy, education, and everything that can make and break Cebuanos by 2050 and beyond. One of them may even be the provincial governor or the country’s president. They know this and they are concerned of what the future is in store for them. This gives us all the more reason to listen to them. The big question is, are we?

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Mega Cebu Ambassador is Miss Philippines Earth 2014

Jamie Herrell, first female Mega Cebu Ambassador, bested 48 candidates from all over the country when she took the crown as Miss Philippines Earth 2014 on May 11 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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