P.S. I love you, Cebu

by Daryl Dizon | STC AB Communication Intern

How does it sound to be walking around the streets that take you to a thousand memories, dwelling in a paradise with all those clear waters and white sand and embracing the so-called queen of all other cities? When you’re in Cebu, there’s no other place you’d rather be.

So, why do I love Cebu and you should too?


The fortitude and leadership of Lapu-lapu rings every time we are in Cebu. The sound of sweet success that the Cebuanos had from defending our rights to have Cebu as our own reminds us of how much we’ve been through. And all these traces are found in the landmarks and tourists spots in Cebu.

Mega Cebu, Metro Cebu, living in Cebu

The Fort San Pedro source: http://www.rafi.org.ph


From Danao, there are a lot of good beaches and resorts for us to visit. The crystal clear waters and the powder white sand attract tourists which come in a huge number here in Cebu. Who wouldn’t be proud that Cebu is one of the most visited places in the world?


Years from now, these busy roads of Cebu will surely be calm and flowing. The Japan international Cooperation Agency or the JICA has already conducted a study for Cebu’s road map and they have seen that Cebu is feasible for a Mass transit network (LRT/MRT/BRT). Soon enough, the traffic congestion will be lessen and Cebu’s mobility is one reason why we no longer have to find an escape from the said dilemma.


Mega Cebu has been making noise, educating Cebuanos about  how to implement a greener and healthier environment. Cebuanos are taught to make flower vases out of old magazines, make pen containers out of bottles and make bags out of juice packs. Cebuanos slowly learn to preserve ecological sensitivity as part of Mega Cebu #pwedekaayo movement. In the next few years, we can already have a breathe of good air and sound health.

Mega Cebu


 We can’t stop rain but we can do something to stop the flooding. As a result of the JICA study, one of their developmental projects for Cebu is the comprehensive flood control. One day, we can freely walk the streets outside the SM Cebu mall even when it is raining cats and dogs and we don’t need those plastic boots anymore.


 Cebu is a gateway of adventures. Imagine the rush from trekking, riding the ATVs, traveling to the mountaintop, seeing the city lights. Be in a place where nature captivates you. When in Cebu, one can visit Danasan Eco Park in Danao, or Papa Kits in Lilo-an, or Mountain View and Tops in Busay. There are just an endless list of adventures waiting for you in Cebu.


 The police provincial officers have been distributing SWAT teams in a lot of districts in Cebu. They’ve been keeping an eye on society’s menaces and they have been guarding us through to assure safety for all of us.


Dancing to the tune of MJ’s thriller and doing the famous moonwalk, Cebu has been attracting a lot of of people with our very talented inmates. Aside from the minimal crime rates, our dancing inmates show how Cebuanos are united, optimistic and competitive.

Mega Cebu, Metro Cebu, living in Cebu

The dancing inmates source: http://www.mb.com.ph


 Cebu has a lot of universities and colleges which provides quality education which is why, students from all around the Philippines and even those from other countries come to Cebu and enroll, hoping for a wider opportunity and better education.


 There are many reasons to love Cebu, but one mega reason is being glad that we have this team with a great vision for Cebu. These people comprising Mega Cebu works hand in hand to make Cebu a better place to be. Hope is at hand with this great team. Fifty years from now, surely Cebu will become the best place to be.

Day by day, Cebu is getting bigger and better. And one day, you too might say that I love Cebu.

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