10 Interesting DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Stuff

by Kristine Jewel Sotto | STC AB Communication Intern

A trash isn’t always a trash.

Sometimes, a piece of old wood may appear to be like a garbage or of no use.  But instead of unconsciously contributing to the increasing number of garbage by directly throwing it to the trash bins, why not create something useful out of it? You can still probably produce something beautiful!

There will always be awe-inspiring and inventive ways to recycle your old belongings that can be utilized not just by you, but also by your friends, family and the community.

It doesn’t have to be only municipal authorities or waste management companies who need to do the recycling act. You can participate in your own creative ways as well.

Recycling always plays a big part in our lives. It is our contribution in taking care of and living in harmony with the planet we call home. Once you try recycling an object, you will come to perceive that not everything you thought useless ends up being thrown away.

A resourceful hand is an opportunity grabber. From old wooden ladder to bookshelf and from shabby cds to decorative plates. Here are 10 interesting DO-IT-YOURSELF ideas to reuse your old stuff:

Decorative cd mosaic

CD craze days are now gone and the hype of availing cds are now less compared before. If you are wondering how to reuse them, you can break some of your cds into pieces and create a mosaic out of it. You can decorate a plate by sticking the cd pieces, revealing its shiny part. You can also stick it to beautify old jars or tables.

Books used as shelves

If you are done reading most of your books and are planning to dispose it to make way for new ones, don’t do it. Dust it off and make them handy. Make them as shelves. Place brackets on your wall and position the book on top. You’ll now have a one-of-a-kind shelf for yourself intended for light objects.

Bicycle into sink stand

Let your imaginative mind work and make use of old bicycles. Attach it to your bathroom or kitchen walls and place a hard, broad wood or metal above its seat. Fasten the sink above the made base and tada! You now have a glamorous and unique kitchen sink.

Lampshade from plastic spoons

Planning to throw the plastic spoons used during your last outing? Think about recycling them! These spoons can be innovatively great for DIY lamps. Sticking it to old plastic gallons and then attaching a light bulb inside the gallon, expect a beautiful and eye-catching lamp for your house! Making it is not expensive after all.

Old tire into a stylish ottoman

Even old tires can transform into a functional and stylish piece of furniture. With creativity and stylish taste, you can create a spectacular stool good for your living rooms or bedrooms. You just need a tire, wood, screws, rope, glue and some sealant then viola! You have your classy ottoman.

Bottle cap candles

Bottle caps from softdrinks, wine and other beverages can still be used to add a fun element to a wedding, romantic dinner, or even a fabulous piece in your living room. Being artsy doesn’t require expensive materials for it to become possible.

For this, you will only need bottle caps, crayons, pre-waxed wicks, soup cans, small cooking pan, scissors, and water. Just melt the crayons with a boiling water, place the wicks inside the bottle caps, pour the melted candle and there you have it!

From light bulbs to pots

When your light bulb dims over time, you are now about to change it with a new one. Make   the most out of the light bulb and turn it into a mini pot for plants! Turn the ordinary to extraordinary and decorate your garden with DIY pots that can be attractive to look at. But before doing that, hollow out first the bulb. Remember to put safety glasses and some gloves on for your safety.   

Old tennis rackets as mirrors

Do you have old rackets you used when you were still a kid? Take them out and make a mirror out of them. Outline the mirror according to the head of the racket and then attach it. Now you don’t only have a mirror, you also have a memory section place on your wall on how great your tennis skills were back then.

Toilet paper rolls into cable and cord organizer

When you are having organizing dilemmas with your cables and cords, you can use the empty toilet paper roll to place and keep them in place. Just insert the cables and cords inside the roll. For it to be more organized, you can utilize an old box and place the toilet paper rolls inside the box. You now have an organizer box for yourself!

Old suitcase into a medicine cabinet

Fascinatingly, suitcases are used for other things besides simply storing clothes. If you have an old suitcase turn it into a medicine cabinet. Now you’ll have a fancy medicine storage and it will not be the same old cabinets we use to encounter.

You can also attach a mirror in front of the cover of the suitcase. Just attach it very well in order to avoid it from falling off the wall. Aside from a medicine cabinet, you may also transform an old suitcase to a bookshelf, display cabinet, and a lot more.

It is always best to make the most out of everything. Not all old stuff can be thrown away. Being resourceful and handy can help you save a lot for your budget.

Learning to reuse and recycle does not only help us but also for the conservation of our environment. You just need a creative and innovative mind to establish different useful crafts. Have fun with your artsy projects!

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