The Benefits of Having a Park In A Metropolitan Area

With all the noise and pollution in the Metropolitan area, having a park is a breath of fresh air. Because whether you want to take a stroll alone, have a picnic with family and friends, or play outdoor games, parks are always the best place to do all of these leisure amenities. But aside from these , did you know that parks offer countless benefits?

Parks are not mere green open spaces, and here are the reasons why:

Parks provide an opportunity for you to be physically active.

Being physically active is one of the means for an individual to be healthy, fight obesity and prevent chronic conditions that may lead to coronary disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Since parks have an available open spaces and pathways for you to walk, run or do exercises, it provide opportunity for you to stay physically fit.

Parks provide economic benefits.

Parks doesn’t just improve your way of life because it makes a community desirable for businesses and homeowners as well. Clean and well maintained parks attract numbers of tourist. When tourists increase, this means there will be an increase in the local and regional revenue, steady jobs and numerous business opportunities.

Leisure activities in parks improve mood, reduce stress and enhance sense of wellness.

With the noise and pollution in the Metropolitan, more and more people are going to parks to relax, get a better mood and reinvigorate themselves to reduce the complexities and anxieties of life.

Parks facilitate social interactions.

Parks are usually the place where people gather to socialize, build community bonds and share experiences and interactions.These bonds hold communities together, and the means to maintaining and improving future positive interactions.

Parks often serve as a habitat for wildlife.

With all the human activities destroying the natural habitat of some wildlife, numerous parks are built to serve as habitat for these wildlife. Making parks not just a place for people’s enjoyment,socialization and educational opportunity but also for species who are in need of a home.

Can you name a park that is located in Metro Cebu? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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