Doable Ways To Lessen Your Garbage

When it comes to the most prolific garbage producers, count Metro Cebu in. From organic waste, paperboard, wood, plastic to rubbers and construction demolition waste, the metropolitan alone could generate an over 500 tons of garbage every day which is equal to 250 billion pieces of plastic, and disposing them properly has became one of the issues that needs to be addressed urgently.

tips on reducing your waste


Improper disposal of waste has many disadvantages to you,your loved ones, and nature. If the government has been doing interventions, have you done your part?

Waste is undeniably one thing in this world that couldn’t be avoided but its number could be cut by following these simple ways:


Instead of throwing your old rag clothes, jars, plastic bottles, and many more directly to the trash bin, why not assess first if it has some alternative helpful use? With your inherent creativity and will, you could turn waste into treasure. This way, you are cutting your garbage while having some fun recreating its look and giving it a second life.

For an instance you could turn your old jar into a new, clean jar by designing it with either color papers or glitters. This is perfect as a storage for your oil, mayonnaise, or any liquids for you to avoid it spilling in your home or refrigerator. You also could make use of your old clothes by turning them into rags for wiping away dust and cleaning kitchen.

Double check the things you are throwing out, maybe some of them has a potential to be reused and repurposed.


Thinking outside of the box and using any resources available including waste to create something useful could be very helpful for the you and your environment.

One good example for this is the frequently heard May pera sa basura in which mineral water, soft drink, and iced tea plastic bottles are collected in exchange for some cash.  This means that instead of throwing and adding your waste to the tons of garbage, you are rather earning some extra money.

Another one is the project Eat Bulaga, a noontime variety show in the Philippines, has initiated. Dubbed as “Plastic ni Juan: Sa Plastic at Basura may dalang Pag-asa”, it collects plastic bottles to be made into arm chairs and book trays that will be distributed to public schools nationwide. Their aim is to provide public school students with comfortable learning experience while reducing plastic waste.

It takes hundreds of years for plastic wastes to decay which is very harmful for you and the environment, so take time assessing what you are throwing, you might find something that could be reused and recycled.


Biodegradable waste like food leftovers, fruit and vegetable trimmings, to name a few accounts a big part to your waste. So,  when it comes to these biodegradable waste, you can do a compost pit.

Composting is hitting two birds with a stone because you are very effectively cutting down your waste while adding plant nutrients essential for its growth.

There are millions of ways on how you could cut down your waste, it is just a matter of creativity and will to do it. And we know that you have it.

Sounds easy enough? You can start doing it today.

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