[POLL] Do you think the Cebu BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) will succeed?

This post in inspired by a news article by the Philippine News Agency and published in Panay News on March 2, 2015. Titled “Why Bus Rapid Transit System will succeed,” it points out several factors that show optimism on the upcoming transportation option that have been received with mixed emotions by many residents in Cebu, based on our engagement with our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Cebu BRT

Image: Pixabay

The success, according to the news article, will be largely due to the following:

  • Political will of Cebu City, as manifested in Mayor Michael Rama’s re-blocking and widening of interior roads in some densely populated barangays
  • Proposed Metro Cebu Development Authority (MCDA)

Check out the entire news article here.

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