Liloan intensifies advocacy to protect environment


Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office of the Municipality of Liloan invited Mega Cebu for their Environment Month Launch last June 9, 2014.

The event’s theme was, “Doing unlimited kindness to the environment for the current generation and the generations yet to come, a way of achieving a green and wholesome environment that nurtures.”


Liloan’s goal, vision and mission coincide with Mega Cebu’s advocacy in terms of achieving a green and wholesome environment. In fact, Liloan is one of the municipalities that have shown much participation in the awareness of preserving its environment.

Barangay officials, teachers, school heads, municipal workers, councilors and Lilo-an’s very active Mayor Duke Frasco joined in the launch. The councilors also turned over signages and posters to the teachers to help spread awareness to the residents of Liloan.

Saving birds and bats, making Lilo-an a smoke free municipality, and planting more trees are some of the goals presented during the Environment Launch and the implementation of the rules and executive orders should be implemented properly.

Frasco capped the event by sending a message to the people that Liloan is doing a great job in preserving its environment.

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(Blog post written by Mega Cebu Intern Gio Visitacion)

2 thoughts on “Liloan intensifies advocacy to protect environment

  1. How is killing birds and bats environmental? Or was the article supposed to say, the preservation of birds and bats?

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